A hub for all kind of modular switches

A hub for all kind of modular switches

  • October 28, 2019
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

Girish is a remarkable company and a tenacious industry player for when it comes to modular switches of all kinds. The company’s achievements in her industry have made them a pacesetter with significant contributions. Researching different modular models, Girish is your switch solution. With diverse colors, trims, finishes, and textures, this is the perfect manifestation of attention to detail and time management featuring switches of anti-weld designs, smooth operation, and minimum visibility screws and excellent safety guarantee. The company deals in verity of products including Electric Switch Board, Modular Switches, Modular Switch Board, Smart Switchboard, Home Switchboard, Modular Electric Switches and many more.

The company’s backgrounds with gifted technocrats, who are skilled, experienced, and with exceptional imagination coupled with their passion for learning and desire to achieve excellence has enabled them build a reputable brand title and an even bigger name. Girish provides a professionally attested product quality that guarantees an exceptional user experience and will serve the purpose for which you want them to with amazing lasting, and functionality.

Girish has built a phenomenal reputation providing two significant approaches of top-notch modular switches in India as well as the associated garnishes, including the sockets and the plates used in mounting them. Motivated by the desire to put manually your choice to add plates and accessories, you purchase switches over the internet featuring state of the art designs in assembling your home. The perfect manifestation of expert design, Girish is always your man for the job. You can choose different kind of switch boards like Electric Switch Board, Modular Switch Board, Smart Switchboard, Home Switchboard or others as per your requirement.

From the most traditional Glisten and Glam switches and scaling up with the Vox, Girish Company is a force in the industry. Motivated by the desire to become a global expert in her field, Girish also stocks classy switches like the Glisten Plates, Glisten plus Plates, Glam Plates, Vox Plates, Vox Lustre Plate, Stylines Switches, and the prettiest Concealed Metal Box.

With the belief that there is always something for everyone, Girish has switches for all your needs. With domestic ones for your home adhering to safety guidelines and are therefore childproof and others stylish switches for your places of business, office, and any other place you need switches for, there is no way you can ever go wrong. The childproof sockets do not expose the parts of your electrical system that carry current, a move that renders them safe.

The modular switches are an enabler if what you want is a visual appeal for the interior of your home. Featuring the best quality of material in making the switches, Girish prefers polycarbonate as the material of choice, one that is a thermoplastic polymer, popular for being dustproof with a high melting pointy and flameproof for maximum safety.

With the knowledge that there are many “pie in the sky” offers in the market, it is possible to get a knock off switch that will not only pose as a threat to the safety of your home but also compromise the beauty and finesse you hold in very high esteem. This is why it is important to get a trusted switch dealer than you can always count on. While Girish capitalizes on quality and attention to detail while upholding safety, their products go at pocket-friendly prices and will, therefore, be the best value for your hard-earned money.