Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable

  • December 13, 2019
Posted By : Admin Girish Switches

When you have to make fixed installations where the integrity of the circuit is vital even in the case of an emergency like a fire accident, you need single core fire retardant wire and cables. If you are looking for best quality wires for home or industrial wire and cable, you can find them at Girish Switches, a leading manufacturer of electrical parts, with an experience spanning three decades.

What is a single core fire retardant electrical cable?

The single core fire retardant electrical wire and cable are best in safety and quality and are suitable for various installations at home and office. These industrial wire and cables are designed specifically for installations in conduits and trunking where there could be a major issue due to a fire and a huge damage expected to life and property.

You can now buy electrical wires online without worrying about quality or longevity, when you are buying from Girish Switches, no matter the kind of installation that is involved.

Having these cable wires installed in the conduits will ensure optimal performance and in maintaining the integrity of the circuit.

Costa and Glam electrical wire and cable

At Girish Switches, you can get fire retardant wire from two different brands, namely the Costa and the Glam. Both the brands have gained the reputation for being among the best of the wire and cable manufacturers and are now easily available to you online.

Depending on the nominal area of the conductor that is required and the DIA of the wire, you can choose the electrical wire and cable that is best suited for your installation. Both Glam wire and cable, and the Costa wire and cable, have 9 different type of fire retardant wire to choose from based on your requirements. The pricing is fixed at an affordable range for both the brands and you can be assured that they are the best in safety and quality.

Why should you choose to buy from Girish switches?

Product safety and consumer satisfaction is counted as the top two priorities at Girish Switches which reflects in the quality of their products as well. Whether you are buying wires for home or you are looking for industrial wire and cable, you can buy electrical wires online, for all kind of installations, at Girish Switches.

The electrical wire and cable from Girish Switches offer you the best of the insulation from the highest degree temperature, ensuring that your circuits are never compromised even in case of a fire. Be it home or office, the fire retardant wire from Girish switches offer you the highest level of energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

Whether you choose Costa wire and cable or Glam wire and cable, the two labels under Girish switches offer you the best in safety and quality for cable wires.

For all types of electrical wires and cables, where there is no question of safety, shop online at Girish Switches.