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Choosing switches is almost like shopping for clothes! Varied colors, trims, finishes, textures are available. Switches are our primary incorporante, as they control the electrical circuits within by interrupting or diverting current. Several kinds of electrical switches based on Current (Ampere) rating, varying from 6A to 32A are available. Apart from the variety of shapes, sizes, and color their other features including anti-weld designs, smooth operation, and minimum visibility of screws, shuttered sockets, safety, and ease of installation.

Other advantages of modular switches are as follows:

Childproof sockets and no exposure to current-carrying parts prevent accidents from electric shocks and protected children and adults from injury. The inadequately maintained traditional switchboard could mar the beauty of walls. Eventually, Best modular switches india may augment the visual appeal of home interiors with colors that are suitable to the interior color scheme. The material used in electrical switches must preferably be a high-quality polycarbonate, i.e. a type of thermoplastic polymer. This should be dustproof, have a high melting point, and be flameproof.

We provide the two significant mechanisms of best modular switches in India and the garnishes that come with them, such as sockets, and a range of mounting plates. While putting mutually your choice of increasing plates and accessories, you buy switches online that are generated by many custom combinations to ensemble your home, and your machine placement.

When decorating the interior of the home, we consider a variety of things like ornamental items, furniture, ceiling, flooring and lighting. On the other hand, what people ignore the most are the electrical fixtures, wiring schemes, and mostly the switches.

Anyone who wants the interior design of their house to be flawless should have a keen eye for every small detail including the switches. When you buy the right type of switch like the modular switches, it not only impacts the aesthetic but also the efficiency and functionality of the entire electrical unit.

These switches have outrun the age-old traditional switches. However, guessing you are here because you are looking forward to changing the regular old switches and want to explore the outcomes of switching to modular switches.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with this article that will assist you in understanding why you should opt for modular switches and how they are advantageous for your living space. Dive in.

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What are Modular Switches?

Modular Switches can be understood as modern switches that are mostly used in residential and commercial spaces. Unlike the non-modular switches, these come with a variety of benefits.

What sets the modular switches apart from the rest is their usability and appearance. These switches come with screwless electrical solutions and offer better cable management that further assists in trouble-free electrical wiring.

Furthermore, the modular switches for the home offer a standardised electrical solution which provides simple installation and maintenance without needing any kind of modification. The modular switches' design is masterfully crafted which makes them withstand heat waves in a better way and make them heat/fire resistant.

When compared to plastic switches, the best modular switches are constructed of polycarbonates which ensures that they have a longer lifespan.

Keeping this in mind, modular switches in India are increasing in number day by day as people are now focusing on the aesthetic of their house, workplace, factory and other spaces as these switches are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Note: The reports are saying that the Indian market of modular switches is going to see a growth of 22% by the end of this year when comparing the past six years, from 2016 to 2022. (Source)

Best Modular Switches for Home

Every property owner wants their home to have increased value and one way that it can be done is by introducing technically innovative elements like modular switches that come with better safety standards.

The process of their designs is holistic and they serve the end user with extreme functionality. Not to mention, they raise the worth of any property when integrated with the system in the right manner.

However, what can be daunting is locating the best modular switches in India. This is why here is a guide to help you in finding one as per your needs.

Identifying the Best Modular Switches For Your Requirements

● Materials Should Be Heat-Resistant

One of the first things that you need to consider while buying modular switches is the safety of the living area. There are times when overcurrent and arc flash mishaps take place which further can result in fires or other accidents.

As a result, your goal should be prioritizing less damage and making purchases of materials that resist fire.

Therefore, the type of switch you would be buying should be manufactured from FR Grade polycarbonate which is basically a thermoplastic used for switches and cover plates. Also know that for enhanced aesthetic, you can get speciality glasses.

● Appearance of the Modular Switch

Another thing that you must keep in mind is to look into the appearance of the modular switch so that it fits into your home's interior. The overall design would offer a high-end feeling when you would find the screw holes concealed and not interrupting the style of the house.

The design of the modular switches should be clean enough to avoid any dust accumulation. Also, it should have UV-resistant sockets to prevent the colour of the modular switches from fading away.

With the top 10 modular switches brands in India, you would find endless options including matte, glossy, woody and other finishes.

● Exclusive Range of Technology Options

Switches operate using a variety of technologies. There are multiple types of modular switches in India that are known for their adaptability and other features.

However, when buying a modular switch, you need to understand that the switch enables end-users to turn on lights in different locations of the house without any hassle.

Moreover, they should also be useful in large business settings where several workers may need to operate one item from further away.

● Maintenance and Repair

The modular switch you are buying should offer the convenience of installation and removal.

There are times when the faceplates need to be removed and if it is difficult to remove, then it can cause damage to the surrounding walls.

Also buying the great white modular switches of premium quality reduces the chances of repair.

Modular Switches Designs

The modular switches in India come in a variety of designs that meet the diverse style taste of the customers and their living space's interior.

You may find these switches in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. Also, they are available in a variety of colour schemes and materials which ensures that your home's aesthetic is enhanced.

To be precise, some switches may come with unique switch plates like plastic, wooden, or glass. Not to mention, unlike the non-modular switches, you can customize them as per your taste.

Advantages of Modular Switches

There are multiple advantages of buying the best modular switches from a trusted brand. So before you decide to make a purchase, check out these advantages listed below for cross-verification during the purchase.

#1: Multifunctional

When buying your item from the best modular switches manufacturer, you would be guaranteed multifunctionality.

In other words, these switches come with the feature of being multifunctional that employ a variety of things including automation, data transmission, security, signalling, and much more.

These switches can be utilised easily for both regular appliances and heavy-duty applications.

#2: Safety

Another advantage of buying modular touch switches is that they are quite secure. These do not lead to any kind of electric shock as the parts are never exposed or have any exterior metallic components.

The plastic of a high calibre has insulating qualities. Moreover, the best modular switches also have sockets that are child-proof.

#3: Eco-Friendly

The best part about buying the best modular switches in India 2021 is that they are eco-friendly in nature. This means you can recycle the modular touch switches if needed.

Why Are Girish Modular Switches The Best?

There is not one reason that states why Girish Modular switches are the best. Being the leading manufacturer of Electrical switches, all the items at Girish are manufactured under the governance of experienced technicians and design engineers. The sockets are highly child-proof and all the current carrying parts are not exposed to cause any kind of accidents.

Moreover, at the house of Girish Switches, you’ll find a variety of modular switches design, styles, shapes, and colours that would fit the diverse preferences of the customers. Not to mention, if you check the Modular switches' price, you would be amazed as the rates are extremely affordable in spite of their premium quality looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Modular Switches
Modular switches are basically compromised modules that have smaller separate slots that allow the insertion of plugs, keys and other fittings.

These are modern electrical devices which are geared toward the modern generation, lifestyle and diverse tastes. Starting from offering the feature of customization to a variety of functionalities, these sockets can serve one in a hassle-free manner.
Switches can be classified into four categories. These four types include SPST ( Single Pole Single Throw ), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole, single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw )
The differences between modular and non-modular switches are listed below in the table form.

Modular Switches

1. These have supplanted the conventional
2. Modular switches can be customized and hence meet changing needs of consumers
3. It has a simple installation process
4. Offers aesthetic to the living space
5. They have a longer lifespan


1. These are available for the past few decades.
2. Non-modular switches are fixed and require to be replaced as per to meet the changing needs of consumers
3. It has a complex installation process
4. Non-Modular switches are not recommended for the aesthetic but can be used easily.
5. These do not last long and the colour fades away quickly.
The price of the modular switches ranges from Rs.100 to Rs. 500 per unit as per the current market rates. However, the prices may vary from one to another depending on a variety of factors including quality, features, functionality, unit packaging, brand and more.
There are basically four types of modular switches available in the market. These include the following.

1 module - space available for one basic switch.
2 modules - space available for two basic switches.
3 module - space available for three basic switches.
4 module - space available for four basic switches.
Yes of course, absolutely. Modular switches are far better than non-modular switches as they offer a variety of functions, are easily customized, long-lasting, interchangeable as per the needs, come with a high-end finish, and more.

The best modular switches last long and also enhance the appearance of the house. On the other hand, they are available at affordable rates as well.

So yes, this is the right time to replace your old switches and switch to the next-gen modular switches!