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Everything you look around is powered and operated through electricity. No matter indoor or outdoors, a steady and uninterrupted supply of electricity is needed which further employs the use of wires and cables.

We Procure Best Quality Electrical Wire and Cable for Your Usage. Nowadays, electricity has become one of the most significant parts of modern life from major industries to the finest services. Applications can include oven, food processor, electric fan; motor, electric bulbs etc. To make the office, home or several kinds of building electrical wires and cables are considerably used. These wires can be prepared from copper, aluminum, or sometimes silver and are used both indoors and outdoors. Several kinds of electric cables are composed of three primary cables-underground electric cables, submersible pump cables, power cables. They expend exceptional protection cause they include numerous tapes, fillers, and other constituents, to evade penetrating into the water, even if it surges unintentionally. The three foremost cables are called as the armored cable concealed with durable steel wire wrapped around a well insulated interior. If you are looking forward to buying the best quality of glam wire and coastal wire and FR wire, you can purchase from our reliable web portal at a very nominal rate.

Copper or aluminium are commonly used to make electrical cables. They are normally covered with a thin coating of PVC and are either naked or protected. If the wires are covered in PVC, the PVC will be coloured to show whether it is a neutral, ground, or hot wire in your electrical arrangement. Wire colour discussion is covered separately in this guideline.

A neutral wire, ground wire, and hot wire—all of which are twisted or joined together—are at least present in cables. The number of wires in the cable will vary depending on its intended use. A cable's wires are individually PVC-insulated and colour-coded. Then, to create the single cable, the collection of wires is coated in an external layer.

What are Wires and Cables?

Wires and cables are regarded as the same thing but in reality, they differ greatly. A cable can be understood as a collection of several wires inside a single sheathing. Whereas a wire can be understood as a single one that is constructed of a single electrical conductor and is usually twisted and bare. Although, these conductors are usually made up of common materials like copper and aluminium both of them serve as electrical current carriers. At Girish Switches, we offer premium quality wires and cables with a desire to adapt to the latest innovation and technology.

What are the Different Types of Wires and Cables?

Wires and Cables come in five different categories. Each of them has different characteristics and is needed for different uses. At Girish Switches, we as the market leaders supply all the types of wires and cables that exist.

● Glam Wire and Cable

Glam wire and cables are FR-grade PVC insulated wires with ISI marking. These are fire retardants and the conductor material they come in is copper. At Girish Switches, they are available in a variety of colours including grey, white, black, red, blue, yellow and green.

● Costa Wire and Cable

Costa Wire and Cables come with a nominal area of conductor which is 0.75 and are 90 meters in length at our store. They are FR PVC insulated copper conductors unsheathed and have high insulation resistance. These are available in a variety of colours including white, grey, black, green, red, blue and yellow.

● Foyer Wire and Cable

Foyer wires and cables are one of the most trusted types that are preferred for fire retardant house wiring. Such wires are FRLS fire retardant 10 w smoke cable and are FR PVC insulated. Being stranded in type and having copper as the conductor material they come with ISI marking at our store. Also, they are available in a wide range of colours.

● Girish Wire and Cable

Girish wires and cables at Girish switches are available in a variety of different colours and each comes with ISI marking. Besides being fire retardant and durable, they are perfect for both domestic and industrial use. The wires have the nominal area of conductor which is 0.75 and are FR PVC insulated.

● Aluminum Cable

Aluminium wires together make the aluminium cable that is used for electrical wiring. They can be seen used in homes, power grids and aeroplanes for the distribution of electricity. Such cables are more affordable because of their electrical and mechanical characteristics.

At Girish Switches, numerous variations in the aluminium cable are found including both single core and multicore. Moreover, they are available in pre-terminated and ready-to-use sets as well.

Where to Use Wires and Cables from Girish Switches?

At Girish Switches, we procure electrical wire and cable of the highest quality that can be used by both residential and commercial sectors to receive top-tier services. Their application can be made in a variety of appliances like ovens, food processors, electric fans, motors, electric lamps, and more.

Moreover, they can also be used during the construction of buildings of all types, including offices, homes, and others. Due to the extra protection, they offer because of multiple tapes and fillers - it avoids the water from penetrating and causing any trouble.

Also, it provides enhanced safety to the users. Moreover, the wires and cables at our store are either bare or protected with a thin layer of PVC. Each wire in a cable is PVC-insulated and colour-coded. The group of wires is then covered with an exterior covering to form a single cable.

Why Should You Buy Wires and Cables from Us?

We are really proud of the variety of electrical wire and cable products we offer. At Girish Switches, we are much more than just a manufacturer and supplier of cables and wires. Being the top-rated market leader, we have favoured many international clients both in the public and commercial sectors through our comprehensive solutions.

Be it Extra High Voltage (EHV), Medium Voltage (MV), and Low Voltage (LV) power cables or flexible wires, you can get it all from us at highly reasonable rates. Our wires and cables are really of premium quality that ensures your home will be safe and your investment would be a secure one.

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