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Best is the LED bulb which is worth the investment to save your electricity bill and have long term economic benefits.

Lighting is one of the most primary basic need, which almost everyone needs at home, or at any other place. However it's share in the total housing electricity expenditure is supposed to be in the assortment of 18% to 27%. Therefore, almost everyone wants to save his electricity bill and for that they try different kind methods or use bulbs that are not as effective a method as they should be. Nowadays, most of the people discuss and learn about cheapest LED light bulbs India, you may be wondering if it is worth your while to spend in brightest LED bulb panel for your home or office. This completely depends on your desire to wish for the long-term economic results.

LED panel manufacturer in India now do a very good quality job of matching the warm yellow that many people want in a home or some office settings. The new design on the market also appears similar to the bulbs we are used to, terminating one of the past reasons to hesitate in making the switch. With the use of well-matched dimmer switches, they still dim very well.

Unless the description about the dimmable Most selling LED bulb in India says it is "warm dimming," then presume that whilst the bulb is dimmed on ANY dimmer, the lighting will not get furnace in color. Girish switches is the most selling led panel in India, the light appears warmer and warmer as it is gradually dimmed. You can buy LED bulbs online from our web portal at a nominal rate and get it delivered to your home.

Silverbeam LED

Lighting impacts the lives of people in every way and is required every day. Be it homes, offices or any other location - lighting may be needed for multiple purposes. However, the best type of light that can be used to save electricity bills and witness economic benefits is Silverbeam LED lights.

What are Silverbeam LED lights?

Silverbeam LED lights are an innovative type of LED light that may look like traditional bulbs but are completely different from them. These lights come with multiple benefits including assisting you to save up to 80% of your income on power. By choosing the silver beam LED, you can give your home a more fashionable and attractive appearance. They can be placed anywhere and are highly suitable for an onerous environment. At Girish Switches, our silver beam LED lighting solutions are a great innovation that can considerably favour you in many ways.

What are the Types of Silverbeam LED Lights Available?

We provide a variety of Silverbeam LED lights that you may use in your home and place of business. Some of them include the following:

● Panel Light

Panel lighting gives both residential and commercial spaces a lovely aesthetic. The panels are made with a long lifespan and high energy efficiency in mind. These lighting options are user-friendly and simple to install. At Girish Switches, they are available in two types including LED Slim Side Lit Panel Light and LED Eco Lit Panel Light.

● Surface Light

Surface lights are perfect if the ceiling of your living space has a false ceiling attached to it. They are available in a variety of sizes and forms in our store. Each of them is of high quality and offers 80% efficiency. Some of the types that are available at Girish Switches include Led Surface Lit Panel Light, Led Frame Less Surface light and Striker Cabinet Surface light.

● Deep Light

Deep lights are highly functional as they have a long lifespan and offer excellent performance even in freezing temperatures alongside the absence of heat or UV radiation. They are mainly used in shopping malls, showrooms, galleries, and other places. At Girish Switches, they come in two different varieties including LED Down Lit Deep Light and LED Frame Less Deep Light.

● Outdoor Light

The outdoor lights at our store are one of the best lighting options if a well-maintained, secure and lit environment is demanded. With higher efficiency and durability to withstand harsh weather conditions, these lights are totally a game changer. They are available in two different types including led surface lit flood light and led surface lit street light.

● Down Light

The downlights we offer are used to light up the area below and are recessed to the ceiling. These are simple to install and come in different varieties including led down lit panel light, led down lit cob light, led down lit cob light new, led down lit spotlight and more.

● LED Lamp

The LED lamps are efficient and offer great quality instant lighting. These are multi-purpose as they can be used anywhere. Also, they are available in a variety of colours including white, green, blue, yellow, yellow, orange, red, warm white, cool white and more.

● LED Sleek Strip Light

The best approach to elegantly adorn your home or office is with the Led Sleek Strip lights. These lights are well-known for adorning lighting fixtures and can give your space a lovely appearance.

● LED Driver

The LED drivers are of low voltage and produce direct current from a higher voltage, alternating current. In simple words, the LED drivers at Girish switches maintain an LED circuit's voltage and current at the recommended levels. They also prevent burnouts and lower the chances of fire accidents.

● Garden Light

Garden lights are usually outdoor lights which are required to create a well-lit environment. They add a touch of elegance and bring convenience to the area. Moreover, at Girish Switches, these are available in three different types including foot light, lamp light and fixtures.

● LED Slim Tube Light T5

The energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED Slim Tube lights are also one type of Silverbeam led lights. They offer high brightness despite their small size which gives the user the best lighting experience.

Why Should You Buy Silverbeam Lights from Us?

At Girish Switches, we value innovation and technology which is why we manufacture premium quality Silverbeam lights. Our product is not just favourable to the customers in helping them to save money on electricity bills but also towards nature as it is environmentally friendly. All the types of Silverbeam LED lights in the store can be used for different purposes. They are durable, highly functional and meet the market standards besides being available at affordable rates.