Modular Box
Modular Box Range

Modular Box Range

A Concealed Box / Surface Box is a modular metal box that can be concealed within the wall or surface it is mounted on. It is perfect for hiding away unsightly cables and wires and can be used to store or conceal other items as needed. This makes it an ideal solution for home theatres, office spaces, or any other area where cables and wires need to be hidden.

What Are The Different Types Of Concealed Box / Surface Box Girish Offers

The Concealed Box and Surface Box are two different types of boxes that Girish offers.

A concealed box is a box that is hidden inside a cabinet or another piece of furniture. This is a great option if you want to keep your belongings hidden and safe. The electric surface box is a box that is placed on a surface, such as a table or a shelf. This is a great option if you want to display your belongings for everyone to see.

Glisten Modular Metal Box

The Glisten Modular Metal Box is a sleek, stylish and sturdy addition to your home. It can be placed on any flat surface electrical box and is perfect for holding your valuables. The box is made of high-quality metal and has a glossy finish that will accentuate any room. It's also concealed, so you can hide your belongings away safely.

Vox Rust Resistant Powder Coated Modular Box

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, the Vox Modular Box Powder Coated is the way to go. This product is designed with aesthetics in mind and comes in a range of different colours. It has a flush design which makes it perfect for concealing, and it can also be used as a surface box electrical as required, so it’s an ideal choice if you want something that is aesthetically pleasing but also offers functionality.

The Vox modular metal Box Powder Coated comes with all necessary screws and fixing materials included and is easy to install. It also features pre-drilled holes for mounting, which makes the installation process even easier. With its strong construction and stylish powder-coating finish, this product makes a great addition to any home or business.

About Different Mod Of Concealed Box / Surface Box

If you are looking for a more decorative choice, then you may want to consider the different types and models of Concealed Box / Surface Box available. These boxes tend to provide a much cleaner look and can be used in quite a few places in your home or office. They are available in many shapes and sizes, so you can find something that will match the existing decor in any room or workspace.

The basic Concealed box comes with a simple frame which is fitted with an inner box to hide unsightly wiring from view. There are also more advanced options, such as boxes which come with built-in ventilation systems and provide even greater protection for your devices. Other options include corner boxes, recessed conservation boxes, wall-mounted boxes, and more. With so many options available, you are sure to find a Concealed Box / Surface Box that fits your needs perfectly!

When it comes to surface boxes, there are no one size fits. Depending on your needs, you can choose between one or two modular boxes, four modular boxes, six modular boxes, eight modular boxes, twelve modular boxes, and eighteen modular boxes.

● One, Two and Four modular PVC boxes are excellent for simple installations, such as air-conditioners or refrigerators. The advantage of these boxes is that they are incredibly easy and fast to set up.

● Six modular boxes are great for more complex infrastructures, such as telephone and electrical systems. They offer more flexibility in terms of the number of cables that can be connected, allowing for a comprehensive installation that meets your needs.

● Eight modular boxes are the most robust option since they provide superior space for multiple cables and connections. This type is perfect for larger commercial projects where a high number of cables and connections will be required.

● Twelve modular boxes and Eighteen modular boxes are designed for very large projects, mainly for industrial requirements where too many cables need to be connected together.

Why Should You Choose Girish Concealed/ Surface Boxes?

Girish Switches offers a wide range of concealed boxes and surface boxes with different models and finishes. We offer products with advanced features, like locks with two keys for extra security, flush frame fixtures to keep the box out of sight and a variety of finishes that adapt to any decor.

One of the advantages of choosing Girish Switches is the possibility to customize the model so that it fits your electrical installation needs. With our different models, you can fit all kinds of switches, plugs and other movements safely and securely.

Moreover, when you choose our concealed boxes or a surface box, you can install them easier than other models available on the market. Our patented product design makes it easy to install a concealed box in just a few steps: remove the plates, attach the box to the wall, and then start wiring your devices directly into our boxes. Plus, all our products come with full instructions and installation kits for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Modular Switches
Modular switches are basically compromised modules that have smaller separate slots that allow the insertion of plugs, keys and other fittings.

These are modern electrical devices which are geared toward the modern generation, lifestyle and diverse tastes. Starting from offering the feature of customization to a variety of functionalities, these sockets can serve one in a hassle-free manner.
Switches can be classified into four categories. These four types include SPST ( Single Pole Single Throw ), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole, single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw )
The differences between modular and non-modular switches are listed below in the table form.

Modular Switches

1. These have supplanted the conventional
2. Modular switches can be customized and hence meet changing needs of consumers
3. It has a simple installation process
4. Offers aesthetic to the living space
5. They have a longer lifespan


1. These are available for the past few decades.
2. Non-modular switches are fixed and require to be replaced as per to meet the changing needs of consumers
3. It has a complex installation process
4. Non-Modular switches are not recommended for the aesthetic but can be used easily.
5. These do not last long and the colour fades away quickly.
The price of the modular switches ranges from Rs.100 to Rs. 500 per unit as per the current market rates. However, the prices may vary from one to another depending on a variety of factors including quality, features, functionality, unit packaging, brand and more.
There are basically four types of modular switches available in the market. These include the following.

1 module - space available for one basic switch.
2 modules - space available for two basic switches.
3 module - space available for three basic switches.
4 module - space available for four basic switches.
Yes of course, absolutely. Modular switches are far better than non-modular switches as they offer a variety of functions, are easily customized, long-lasting, interchangeable as per the needs, come with a high-end finish, and more.

The best modular switches last long and also enhance the appearance of the house. On the other hand, they are available at affordable rates as well.

So yes, this is the right time to replace your old switches and switch to the next-gen modular switches!
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