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Cancellation Policy

When can you cancel an order?

You can cancel anytime before the dispatch of the order. Once an order dispatched from the premises for delivery, it will not be allowed to cancel.

Will a cancellation request have any implication on you?

If an order is cancelled before dispatch of goods, then there will be no cancellation charges or processing fees for the customer upon order cancellation.

When do you get a refund for the cancelled order?

If the payment was made by Credit/ Debit Card, Net Banking or Digital Wallets, then the amount shall be refunded in your respective account. Generally, the refund amount gets processed and credited in the bank between 7- 10 working days once an order is marked as cancelled.

Important to note that we depend upon the credit card issuing bank to ensure timely release of refund amount into your respective account. We only control release of funds from our side, there is little we can do in case there is a delay from the bank’s end.

What happens to the order post shipping?

• You can raise the cancellation request post-dispatch of goods by calling Girish Switches customer care helpline 07838272727 or write to us on support@girishswitches.com.

• Upon receipt of the cancellation request, we can try to hold the shipment, however, we cannot guarantee that the cancellation request will be honored.

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