Girish Switches


Climbing the charts for a reputed company on electrical supplies, Girish Switches brings to you a whole plethora of accessories and electrical components designed to make life easy. Every product is tested for its quality and performance and additionally they guarantee the absolute safety of consumers at every turn.

Accessories for your electrical appliances play a major role in ensuring the efficiency of the product and also to add onto the design of the main appliance. The switches and holders might seem like a simple addition and yet they enhance the way a product performs and that is why Girish Switches pay a lot of attention to the kind of products it deliver.

Here we have the list of accessories you can get from Girish Switches, each of them made of polycarbonate material ensuring resistance to fire. The traction capacity is quite good in these makes ensuring that you can use them to nearly 240 Volts or to 50 Hz. There are multiple options to match with your requirements under each category.

Lamp holder, Ceiling rose, Plug top, Bed switch, D.P.Switch, Multiplug, Flex box and power strip, Heating element & Distribution boards. The accessories at Girish Switches are a perfect infusion of style and safety emphasizing on their value to keep customers first in every endeavor.