Climbing the charts for a reputed company on electrical supplies, Girish Switches brings to you a whole plethora of accessories and electrical components designed to make life easy. Every product is tested for its quality and performance and additionally they guarantee the absolute safety of consumers at every turn.

Accessories for your electrical appliances play a major role in ensuring the efficiency of the product and also to add onto the design of the main appliance. The switches and holders might seem like a simple addition and yet they enhance the way a product performs and that is why Girish Switches pay a lot of attention to the kind of products it deliver.

Here we have the list of accessories you can get from Girish Switches, each of them made of polycarbonate material ensuring resistance to fire. The traction capacity is quite good in these makes ensuring that you can use them to nearly 240 Volts or to 50 Hz. There are multiple options to match with your requirements under each category.

Lamp holder, Ceiling rose, Plug top, Bed switch, D.P.Switch, Multiplug, Flex box and power strip, Heating element & Musical Bell. The accessories at Girish Switches are a perfect infusion of style and safety emphasizing on their value to keep customers first in every endeavor.

Best Electrical Accessories From The House of Girish Switches

Making the electrical appliances work smoothly be it at your home or even in a commercial workspace does not mean that you just need expert electricians. At the same time, it is also essential that you have the right aids. Having the proper set of electrical accessories is equally important. The most vital thing about an electrical accessory is that they increase the longevity of your electrical appliance and make sure that it is working in the right way. Not only that, the right electrical accessories are crucial to outsource. You can easily choose to grab them from the house of Girish Switches which is currently one of the best in the market.

More About Electrical Accessories

Most of us have seen electrical accessories in our home be it a simple lamp holder or even the panel which supports the switches. Although we do not consider it as the main requirement, the one thing that we can all agree on is that these electrical accessories are vital for the proper functioning of electrical appliances. At the same time, it is essential to understand that the quality of these accessories is up to the mark. This is why Girish Switches is one of the best in the market. The wide range of accessories at the store has been guaranteeing that your appliances are up and running at their best.

There are different types of electrical accessories and as you can make out, each of them has a different set of needs. While some make sure that the electrical conduction is taking place in the right way, there are others that check whether the appliances are getting the right support to function properly. At Girish Switches, you’ll find a wide variety of essential electrical accessories available at the best price tag.

Electrical Accessories From The House of Girish Switches

When we talk about electrical accessories, there are tons of good options and hence you can choose to get in touch with Girish Switches at the earliest. Some of the best options in this case are:

1. Lamp Holder

As you can make out from the name the purpose of a lamp holder is to make sure that the lamp gets support to stand on. There are some variations in the lamp holder domain as well and this ranges on the size of the lamp as well as the angular discretion of the user. You get not only a single pendant but also double pendants as well as parallel adaptors which make sure that there is proper electrical conductivity to your lamps.

2. Ceiling Rose

If you have ever seen a chandelier then you would know that these hang from the ceiling and that is achieved with the help of a ceiling rose. Depending on the size of your chandelier the ceiling rose will tend to vary and these are available in unbreakable options as well to provide extra support to your chandelier. There is even a jumbo ceiling rose in the range which is great for mega-size chandeliers.

3. Plug-Top

A plug top is usually made out of plastic or rubber and it either has two or even three pins. The major purpose of this plug top is that it helps you to create an extension out of just a plug and hence it comes in quite a bit handy. There are a few options in the plug-top range as well depending on your needs.

4. Bed Switch

The work of a bed switch is pretty straightforward and the ultimate aim is that it helps you to switch on or off the same from any place and this does not require you to stick to the same switchboard. There are a few options in the bed switch range as well and the best ones.

5. D.P. Switch

The DP Switch is a very important electrical accessory and it tends to provide extra support to heavy appliances like geysers, as well pumps or similar other appliances. It is a double pole switch and there are different voltage options depending on the appliance that you are choosing.

6. Multi-Plug

The major work of a multi-plug is that it helps you to run a lot of devices and that too at the same time. The basic thing about a multi-purpose socket is that it is available in a lot of options like type one or even type two multi-plug and the basic difference is that there is a capability of handling the energy levels of the appliance.

7. FlexBox and Power Strip

The most important thing about the flex big and power strip is that it helps you connect a lot of devices that too which are near and about. The power strip on the other hand helps the flexbox to run swiftly.

8. Heating and Press Element

The major work of this particular element is that it helps one connect the electrical energy to heat energy. This is mostly a very important accessory for professionals.

9. Musical Bell

There are a lot of people who want different kinds of music bells and this makes the bells much more interesting. You can get these fixed very easily!

For the best of electrical accessories which are one of a kind, Girish Switches is the best to depend on.